Tuesday, 3 March 2015

NOTW: Models Own Colour Chrome - Rose

I was so excited to try the new Colour Chrome nail varnishes that I bought in the Models Own sale, and here is the first of the two. This one is in Rose, and is a really pretty light pink, which I see as more pink than the rose gold I was expecting. I still think it's a really pretty colour though!

The Colour Chrome collection has wider brushes, which is great because that's my favourite type of brush, and makes application quicker and easier. As with most metallic nail varnishes these ones dry very quickly, which actually means application can be tricky, as it can drag and leave brush strokes a lot. 

I applied two coats of Rose, which gave decent opacity, but I definitely could have applied one if it weren't for the tugging I experienced, which made the first (and on some nails the second) layer look messy. As much as I love Models Own nail varnishes I have to say that this formula is such an awful formula to work with.

Although I appreciate that it dries quickly, it just dries too quickly to be able to work with, and once it dries it looks even more streaky and uneven. Once you apply around three layers you can even out most of the gaps and streaks so that the colour is opaque and even.

I am so surprised that I haven't heard any other reviews saying this! I tried my other colour too in order to check I didn't make a mistake the first time or that I just had a random bottle with a bad formula. Both colours are the same so I believe this is just how the Colour Chrome formula is, and I will probably post that one next week. Suffice to say that I won't be trying out any more of this particular range!

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