Tuesday, 24 March 2015

NOTW: Models Own Beetlejuice - Aqua Violet

Another from Models Own's Beetlejuice collection.

trying to angle it to show you the purple!
I think the Beetlejuice collection is probably one of my favourites ever. The colours are so unique and interesting, with shades I haven't seen before. I love the other two I have shown so I had to try another when Models Own had their 50% off sale.

This one is Aqua Violet, and appealed to me the most out of the ones available that I didn't already have. Unfortunately my photos didn't capture the duochrome in this shade, which is a bit more subtle than the duochrome in the other shades I have. The colour mostly looks like a bright version of what you see in my photos, but in the light it changes to a purpley pink with hints of green in the blue. It's such a shame you can't see it properly because it's so pretty!

In terms of opacity the first layer is very sheer, with a great deal of improvement in the second layer. I decided to go with three coats to make sure it was completely opaque, but I made sure to take my time and be patient so I didn't smudge it, as obviously the thicker the nail varnish the longer it takes to dry.

I applied Sally Hansen Diamond Strength as a base coat, and Maybelline Forever Strong Super Stay as a top coat.

I definitely recommend any of the shades from the Beetlejuice collection because as I said earlier they are so unique. Especially since Models Own nail varnishes are less than £5 each! The Beetlejuice mini trio I have is also still available if you just want to see what they're like without spending full size prices.

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