Tuesday, 17 March 2015

NOTW: Models Own - Apple Pie (scented)

Apple Pie is a very pale pastel green, which is slightly scented with a kind of sour apple sweets fragrance. The colour itself is very nice, but for some reason or another I struggle to apply very pale colours, and they always look much nicer on other people than me. So please excuse any messiness, I just can't seem to avoid it with these types of colours.

This is one that you need to apply a couple of coats for because the first is quite streaky, as is to be expected with a lighter colour. I actually ended up applying three coats so it was 100% opaque, which is my prefered look. You can absolutely leave it at two coats, but for me I felt three would get it how I wanted it. The only downside was that it took forever to dry, and definitely contributed to messing up my index finger.

The scent itself is vaguely noticeable during application, and I can still just about smell it now that my nails are dry, and it's been about a day and a half since I applied the colour.

I applied Sally Hansen Diamond Strength as a base coat, and Maybelline Forever Strong Super Stay as a top coat over the three coats of Apple Pie.

Personally I just don't think a shade this pale works for me, and I have thought it every time I attempt to wear it. I do think it's very nice though, and although I don't like to wear it myself, as I said before, it looks great on plenty of other people. If I didn't struggle so much to apply shades like this I do think I would wear them more.


  1. So what are your thoughts/feelings on scented nail polish? I feel like it's almost counter productive, since it will most of them still smell like nail polish.
    Despite that, I really love this color. It's very pretty.

    1. I don't really feel like they need to be scented, I actually remember hearing first about Revlon bringing out a line of scented varnishes and thinking how pointless it was, haha. The scent of nail varnish is so strong anyway, like you said, it makes the whole thing a bit silly. I definitely wouldn't buy any because they were scented, for me the colour is what I look at.