Saturday, 4 October 2014

Review: Rimmel London Wonder'full Mascara with Argan Oil

I had been intrigued by the idea of a mascara containing Argan Oil since I really love using it on my hair, so when Rimmel had a 2 for £10 offer I couldn't resist picking this one up.

left eye no mascara
right eye no mascara
left eye 1 coat
right eye 1 coat
left eye 1 coat - side view
left eye 2 coats
right eye 2 coats
right eye 2 coats - side view
both eyes 2 coats
The main aspect of the Wonder'full mascara that interests me is that it contains Argan Oil, which is intended as a way to condition and treat the lashes. I often wonder what condition my lashes would be in if I wasn't using mascara and make up remover on them almost every day, but I'm not about to stop using them to find out! I used this mascara every day for a week to try and compare the condition of my lashes before and after, and I found it hard to tell because lashes are so small. I use Argan Oil on my hair, and I love it because it makes my hair dry faster, and helped repair it after dying. Because my hair is so long I can see the difference, but with lashes it's so hard to tell!

The finish of the mascara, to me, is quite light and feathery. I've never used one like this before so it was nice to try something new, and I was surprised to find that I like it. I didn't apply more than two coats, because realistically I'm not a heavy mascara wearer and wouldn't wear more than that. It didn't clump when I built it up, and I found a second coat made quite a bit of difference.

This mascara lifts, separates and volumises nicely, but doesn't add length or curl. The claims made by Rimmel are that the mascara adds fullness, and doesn't cause clumpiness, which I would completely agree with.

The brush is really nice, as it's a rubbery one with a lot of bristles. It is definitely flexible, and the wand is not stiff at all. I realise not everyone likes that type of brush so I made sure to mention it so you can be forewarned. I do like that sort of brush, so I don't have any complaints about that, and I find it really brushes through the lashes nicely and evenly distributes product. I will say though that I wish it didn't have an extra bit on the tip of the brush without bristles on. It collects excess product so it can, and has, lead to an accidental unwanted spot of mascara on my eyelid. It would be much better if it tapered off to a blunt point or just didn't exist at all!

As you can see from the photos it's quite a dark black, which I really like in a mascara. Regardless of if I have a neutral eye look or a bold colourful one I really like for my mascara to be as black as possible.

I don't find that this mascara flakes or smudges throughout the day, as it hasn't done this on any of the occasions I've worn it. I have never experienced this with any mascara though, so I think it will depend on if this is something you personally struggle with when it comes to mascaras.

I hope that was a helpful, and thorough review! I've tried to include a decent amount of photos because I often find there aren't enough in blog reviews, so feel free to give feedback on that. Please let me know your opinion if you have tried this mascara, or if you have any recommendations. I've placed an order for the Avon Mega Effects, and I'm so excited!

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