Tuesday, 7 October 2014

NOTW: Chanel Le Vernis - 637 Malice

This is the only Chanel Le Vernis (aka nail varnish) I own, and that is for a combination of reasons. The main one is that I find it chips almost immediately (as does Rouge Noir, the only other one I have tried), and it's really expensive for what it is.

I have to admit I do get the whole 'buying for the label' thing, and I won't be putting anyone down if that's what they do. I don't find Chanel products perform that well, in my experience, so that is the main reason why it's not a brand I tend to buy. This particular purchase (from the Limited Edition Christmas range of 2012) was in part because 'omg Chanel' and also due to seeing swatches on Temptalia and thinking it was such a beautiful colour (my photos really don't do it justice).

Oddly I like the brush, which I think is the standard one for all Chanel nail varnishes, as I normally like the really wide paddle ones. The Chanel one, I think, is thinner than standard nail varnishes, so it's actually easier to paint neatly. It doesn't drag or leave brush marks, and I found that the nail varnish dried quite quickly, so for once I didn't have any smudge marks! That may just be because it's a metallic varnish, as I do find those dry the quickest regardless of brand.

It does seem pointless to review a product that you can no longer buy, but on the off-chance it is repromoted, I wanted to make the above comments. A lot of the comments apply to Chanel nail varnishes as a whole, so hopefully they are helpful.

NB. I used the Maybelline Super Stay base coat, and Revlon Gel Envy Diamond top coat. I found the top coat really made it shiny, and it actually didn't chip as easily as normal.

Like I said it's an amazing colour, though I doubt unique, so I will stop talking, and please enjoy the pictures!


  1. What a beautiful shade! I've wanted to try a Chanel nail polish for ages, hopefully I will someday soon. ^_^

    Great review as always hun!


    1. Temptalia always has really good photos of their collections, so it's probably worth checking for when the Chanel Holiday collection comes out in case there's anything you like (: Thanks for reading!