Tuesday, 14 October 2014

NOTW: Models Own Lilac Dream & 25 Carat Gold

I was really in the mood to wear some lilac nail varnish, so I did! Plus I was thinking it would look cool with gold on the accent nail, too. Although, I don't think the shade of gold I have was that great to go with this lilac, unfortunately. It's a bit too heavy on the yellow side of gold.

I used Maybelline Super Stay Base Coat and Revlon Gel Envy Diamond Top Coat, which have become my go-to. I think it must be the Revlon top coat that is making my manicures look a lot glossier and dry a lot faster because I'm noticing such an improvement.

I applied two coats of Lilac Dream to get it fully opaque, although one coat is just about fine. I decided to apply a third coat for 25 Carat Gold because with it being metallic it's just that much more sheer, and metallic nail varnishes dry so quickly that it wasn't a hassle to apply the extra coat.


  1. I actually think the lilac and yellow gold work really well together! I'm a sucker for gold though so think it goes with everything :P You have lovely nails :) x x x