Saturday, 11 October 2014

Review: Avon Mega Effects Mascara

After seeing this mascara used by Shaaanxo I knew I had to get it, if only for the fact it was so unusual. I'd never seen anything like it, but I admit I was doubtful and thought it could easily just be a gimmick.

left eye no mascara
right eye no mascara
left eye 1 coat
right eye 1 coat

left eye 2 coats
right eye 2 coats
left eye 3 coats
right eye 3 coats
moon face

I am of course talking about the Avon Mega Effects Mascara. I ordered mine in the shade Blackest Black through a local Avon representative using the catalogue. It cost me £10, but at the time of writing this it's currently reduced to £7 (just my luck to miss the offer!).

As soon as it arrived it got it straight out of the box and opened it up to see it in person. It's like a paintbrush with tiny little bristles, and definitely unlike anything I had used before.

I've always had a love/hate relationship with mascara because it's entirely necessary, but I struggle to find ones that really wow me. I tend to like the mascaras I use, and have only used a couple I didn't like or didn't understand the hype about. So I was very eager to try this one, in case I just needed something so different to impress me.

Onto the things I like about this mascara - it has a great filter to pull off excess product from the wand, which is something I really do look for in a mascara. Plus when you put the brush back in the container the product on the wand doesn't then get all over the opening. The bristles themselves are numerous and quite short so you can really comb through, which is another thing I look for.

The shape and length of the brush enables you to coat almost all your lashes at once (depending on your eye size), which saves time, and to be honest it's just really fun to use the brush. This is particularly good for the lower lashes, I find it speeds up the process a great deal.

The handle of the brush has a hinge so you are able to have more freedom in the angle in order to apply it in whichever way is preferable to you. This is a feature I don't really use, but it's nice to have the option, and I'm sure others do find it useful!

I noticed that I got a lot of length, curl and separation from the mascara. As soon as I brushed upwards I found my lashes just remained up where I'd put them, including the extra length. I didn't find it volumising, but I just noticed they appeared really fluttery and long, which is generally the look I go for since I have decent natural volume. The formula is really black, and I chose the shade 'Blackest Black' so that I can get my lashes as dark as possible. I haven't tried the ordinary black, so sorry that I can't compare those for you.

I did find that when applying this mascara more heavily that my lashes did lean towards the spidery end of things, so that is something to consider depending on if you are a fan of that look or not.

I will warn you that you do have to be open to trying something unusual, as I'm sure there will be plenty who struggle with the style of brush, and prefer what they are used to. I managed not to make any mess, but I can see how it could be easy to get the mascara in places you didn't mean to, perhaps for those with smaller eyes this could be an issue.

Overall I think it's great - I'm happy with the colour and how it makes my lashes look, so provided it doesn't get discontinued, I can really see myself repurchasing when mine runs out.

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  1. Wow that looks so unusual and I agree like a paint brush! It does make your lashes look amazing! Will certainly look out for it! :) xx