Tuesday, 10 February 2015

NOTW: Models Own - Juicy Jules

with flash
with flash

I love glitter nail varnishes, but I rarely wear them since they're such a pain to remove. I do find they last longer than ordinary ones though since it seems to take a lot longer for chipping to occur. Using nail varnish removers in the pot form seems to help, which I noticed after doing a glittery accent nail that I didn't struggle so much. Two whole hands worth of fingernails though may be a different story.

This particular one is Juicy Jules by Models Own, which is a really pretty silver, yet rainbow in the light, glitter. The one I own has definitely expired, but I wanted to do a post on it before I threw it out. The consistency is a lot thicker than when I bought it a few years ago so it was horrible to apply and really didn't go on evenly. I knew this was the case so I applied Models Own Sterling Silver underneath to compensate for any potential gaps.

Of course when you have a new bottle that isn't expired it applies just fine, and in my experience a coloured base coat is not necessary.

So what you see in the photos is Maybelline Forever Strong Super Stay Base Coat, one coat of Models Own Sterling Silver, two coats of Models Own Juicy Jules, and finally Revlon Gel Envy Diamond Top Coat.

Models Own nail varnishes are £4.99, but I usually buy mine in the sales they often have. By the time this post goes up the current sale will be over, but I'm just mentioning it because I took advantage of it knowing I have some old ones (like Juicy Jules) that need to be thrown away.

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  1. Oh wow this polish is gorgeous! :D