Tuesday, 23 December 2014

NOTW: House of Holland Nails by Elegant Touch - Tis The Season

My first attempt at using press-on nails!

These are House of Holland Nails by Elegant Touch in the 'Tis The Season' design, and as you can tell they are Christmas themed! They come with 24 nails in 10 sizes and 12 designs (two of each), and the box includes a small nail file and 2g nail glue.

I feel as though it would be unfair of me to review these properly because I'm not very good at using them. Whether it's my fault or the nails' fault I was unable to find the perfect sizes for my particular nails, so I just went for the ones that fit the best, even though you can definitely see bits of my nails sticking out in various places, haha. I even cut my nails as short as possible and filed some of the false nails, but it didn't quite help enough.

I think the designs are really fun, and they're a good idea for people (like me) who aren't the best at nail art, but like to wear it. However, the nails are too rounded in the 'claw' style, and I just cannot get my own nails into the right shape for them to not stick out the sides.

My nails grow very quickly so I'm not sure how long I'll be able to wear these for without them looking really stupid. They're meant to stay on for up to ten days, but one of my thumbs already fell off and I had to glue it back on (after about ten minutes) so we'll see! I think they're a bit too long, and you can definitely file them down a bit, but you can easily ruin the design by doing so.

Sorry my review isn't very positive, I think that's largely down to false nails not being 'for me', but as I said earlier I really like the designs, and it enables me to have fun nail art without the effort. Plus they have lasted throughout the typing of this blog post, and if any do fall off you can just glue them back on again. I think if you're used to applying and wearing them then you'll love the Christmas designs!

I bought these from ASOS after they had been reduced in price from £9 to £6. They spent a lot of time in my 'saved for later' basket, and as soon as I saw they had been reduced I couldn't resist.

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