Tuesday, 2 December 2014

NOTW: Barry M - Grey + Lancôme Matte Top Coat

I've been noticing that matte nail varnish has been growing in popularity, so I thought I'd give the trend a go myself.

When I first discovered matte nail varnish I thought it looked really bad, like it wasn't meant to be that way. Recently though I've noticed that it has grown on me. I tried a dark red matte tester (I can't remember the brand), and I thought it looked so nice so it opened my eyes more and I realised that it could look good.

I only own a matte black, which I actually bought by accident! But I was given a Lancôme Matte Top Coat (which I think was limited or is discontinued), and have been meaning to try it for ages. It's actually a really useful thing to own since it enables you to make any ordinary nail varnish into a matte. Barry M actually does a matte top coat, along with a matte range of colours so if you want to test some out then those are available. 

A matte top coat is also useful because I feel like my nails aren't done if I don't apply a top coat, and if you used a matte colour then you can use the matte top coat to prevent chipping, since you obviously can't use a normal top coat because it will add shine.

What you see in these pictures is Maybelline Super Stay base coat, two coats of Barry M Grey with one and a bit layers of the matte top coat over the top. I had to keep adding the top coat over bits I saw I had missed, since those areas will be shiny if you miss them and ruin the effect.


  1. Ooo what a lovely look! Will try that out myself soon. :)


    1. Thanks! It's nice to try new things, I'm glad I finally gave it a go (:

  2. That looks amazing together! I hated matte nails on myself but loved them as gels or acrylics on others till I used a matte cream shade from Barry M and fell in love. Those nails look perfect on you!
    Mary-Ann xx
    Angel Flicks

    1. Thanks! I'd seen some dusty pinks and nude matte nails, but I think they were acrylics, and they looked amazing. I don't think it would suit me though. I've seen the matte Barry M shades in Boots and I have definitely been tempted...there's an amazing bright lime green one I keep noticing in particular xx