Sunday, 10 August 2014

Review: L'Oreal Volume Million Lashes Extra-Black Mascara

left eye no mascara

right eye no mascara
left eye 1 coat
left eye 1 coat, right eye no mascara

1 coat both eyes

left eye 2 coats
left eye 2 coats, right eye 1 coat
both eyes 2 coats


I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with mascara since I struggle to find one I really like, yet it's such a basic make up staple I use almost every day you'd think I'd have found my holy grail by now!
So I'm going to try and review every mascara that I try not only to help those of you reading this, but also as a useful record for myself to know which ones I really liked.

Things are getting better, and since recently purchasing L'Oreal's Volume Million Lashes mascara I've been a lot happier about the way my lashes have been looking. I bought it from my local Boots, and according to their website it costs £10.99, though the pricing where I live is usually a bit less since we don't have VAT.

The one I have is the extra-black version, which has the gold lid and black tube, rather than the ordinary black, which I believe has an all gold tube.

I really like the brush on this one, and I've discovered I'm a much bigger fan of the plastic brush than the traditional style, which is part of the reason I chose this particular mascara. I find it easier to comb through the lashes to evenly apply product with this style of brush. I also like that it's a medium size because with the larger ones I tend to make more of a mess, and it's harder to get the smaller corner lashes and bottom lashes.

What's also really great about this mascara (I don't know if there are other brands doing this) is that at the opening it has more of a filter that really gets the excess product off. I am so happy about this since with previous mascaras I've had to scrape off all the excess on the top, which wastes product and also means the tube doesn't stay particularly clean. 

The other benefit is that your lashes are less likely to clump because the amount of mascara you have is enough, and you can build it up with layers rather than applying a load at once.

I would describe the finish of this mascara as light and almost feathery. Like I said before you can build it, so you can go for quite a natural look or you can go more dramatic. I wouldn't say that you can acheive hugely dramatic lashes or a false lash effect, but it does make my lashes look a lot longer, and like I have more, but not loads more. 

It is nicely black too, and doesn't transfer or move anywhere despite not being waterproof. Though in all honesty I've never experienced transferring in any mascara so if this is a problem you experience a lot I'm sorry that I can't tell you how this would fare on you. I also find it quite easy to remove, which is great because I hate how long it can take to remove eye makeup!

Thanks for reading, I hope this review was helpful to you! What mascaras do you like and recommend? I'm wanting to try L'Oreal Miss Manga and Urban Decay Perversion (:


  1. Really nice comparison pictures! I think these are the best I've ever seen. I haven't tried this one by L'Oreal, but I do have Manga and I quite like it even though most people hate it because of its tendency to clump but I think that is what gives a true manga eyed look! I even reviewed it on my blog. :) xx

    Jasmine Catches Butterflies ʚϊɞ

    1. Thanks so much! I'll take a look at your review since I really am interested in trying that one out (: xx