Saturday, 23 August 2014

Review: Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick

If you've seen my Sephora haul you will know how excited I was to finally get my hands on some Kat Von D make up. I am a huge fan of her art and style so her make up line is perfect since it's a combination of those things.

left to right: Bauhau5, Outlaw, Lolita

The products I was most interested in were her liquid lipsticks, which is why I treated myself to three of them! Thankfully (spoiler alert) I liked them, since buying three without ever having tried them before was taking a bit of a risk.

The shades I have are Lolita, Outlaw and Bauhau5. Outlaw was my safe choice, since I know I love true reds in a matte finish, and Bauhau5 I chose because I had absolutely nothing like it in terms of the colour, which is rare for me to find these days! It's actually a lot brighter than my lip swatches make it seem. Lolita was an unusal choice for me because I am not one for brown/nude shades, but the swatches I found looked really pretty. It is a lot darker, less pink and browner than those swatches made it appear so I'm very unsure about it. I think it looks ok on me, but I doubt I'll use it often.

These lipsticks come in a long thin tube with a black lid and clear container so you can see which shade is which. I am so in love with the packaging since it has Kat's own art on it, and in a great design. The applicator is a standard doe foot, as I've come to expect with this type of product. 

The lipsticks are all the same consistency, which is a light-medium thickness creamy liquid lipstick. They all set and dry to a very long-lasting matte finish. In my opinion they are not drying, but I am very good with keeping my lips hydrated so I've never had any issues with dryness or chapped lips with any product. With that said I have a feeling that they have the potential to feel uncomfortable to people who do have a problem with this as the finish is very dry and matte.

I'm bad at applying these sorts of products neatly (just look at my swatches!) so I tend to roughly get the colour on the lips and then improve the shape by using a lip pencil around the edges (if I have a colour that matches well enough). 

If, like me, you are unable to test these before purchasing I can guarantee you will like them if you are a fan of other similar products, such as the Lime Crime Velvetines. I also strongly advise using Google Images, YouTube/blog reviews, and tumblr if you want to get a good idea of how the colours look on the lips.

I think these lipsticks are great all-round, and my only regret is that Lolita wasn't the best colour choice for me. They last a really long time, are opaque in one layer, and the packaging is really pretty. As a big fan of matte lipsticks I'm sure I'll end up adding more of these to my collection.


  1. Think I'd get along with Lolita, brown shades somehow really suit me. Been itching to make a large Sephora order featuring loads of Kat Von D. I really love the look of bauhau5 in particular. I tend to use a lip liner whenever I use my velvetines so that might help? Will definitely try a few of these shades out, I've yet to read a negative review.

    1. I'm really impressed by these so I don't blame you wanting to try them! I really wanted to get some of the Studded Kiss lipsticks, but I've heard such mixed reviews that I really can't decide which one, and I'm reluctant to take risks on the colours again after discovering Lolita really didn't look like the swatches I saw. I've tried my Velvetines with and without liner, but I'm planning on trying Lolita again with a pink liner cause I think it will help to make the colour more well suited to me.