Tuesday, 2 April 2013

MAC Lipstick Collection Review

Recently I recorded a MAC lipstick collection video showing swatches of me wearing them and saying a couple of things about each. I had a request to review them more thoroughly, and since I love writing I thought I would go ahead. I intend to update this post whenever I get a new lipstick (though I don't buy them often), and will link each time I record a tutorial using any of them.

General comments concerning MAC lipsticks is that they all have a vanilla scent (which I love!), and they tend to come in 3gram/0.1 US Oz. bullets. All of mine fit this description, so I won't mention the other types.

Hopefully this will help anyone who needs any advice on picking out a lipstick. I have added cropped photos showing what the colours look like on the lips. They seem mostly accurate in colour, except most are actually more vibrant looking in person. I will say specifically for each one if the photo differs from the real life look of the lipstick. 

I try to comment on the following aspects:
  1. texture
  2. wear time
  3. opacity/colour pay-off    
  4. personal opinion (though obviously that is subjective!)
If I've failed to mention anything you think I should have commented on then let me know, and of course I'll add that in. 
Creme D'Nude (Cremesheen)

Used in this tutorial (quite an old one, so it's not great!) 

This is a very popular nude lipstick shade. In terms of the finish and feel of the lipstick it is very smooth and comfortable, as Cremesheens tend to be. This one wears quite opaquely, but you can sheer it out by blotting with a tissue, if that's what you'd prefer. Though I find this one picks up on all the tiny lines in your lips, so it really doesn't look all that flattering. I'm not sure what it is about my face, but I can't wear nude shades at all, therefore this colour does not really suit me. I've seen people paler and darker than me, with different and similar hair and eye colours to me, and they all suit it, but I don't! Mystery of life. I can't really speak on how long it wears because I don't really wear it, but since it's such a smooth and soft lipstick you can reapply as much as you want without it looking thick or cakey. It definitely would not survive through eating.

Shanghai Spice (Cremesheen)

Used in this tutorial 

A lot of the texture based comments I made about Creme D'Nude apply to this lipstick too, since they are the same finish. But for this specific colour it is much more flattering on me, since it has the slight orange tone to it, and it doesn't accentuate lip lines. I would say to anyone who can't wear nudes, this is a great compromise! I really do like this shade, and it was such a pleasant surprise to find it suited me. For those of you who like a hint of colour, but either aren't inclined to wear brighter ones, or simply want a lipstick to wear at work, then I really would recommend this one.

Pervette (Glaze)

Note: the photo above makes the shade look like an innocent baby pink when in reality it is an obnoxious metallic mess! 

After watching a lot of MAC lipstick collection videos I learnt that this is a popular shade. This baffles me because I honestly think it is ugly as hell, and I question my sanity at the time of purchasing it. I can only assume it was due to lack of knowledge about what suited me, and misleading swatch photos on the MAC website. That aside, there are clearly people who like it, so don't be put off by my disliking it. As a glaze it is a little grainy (??), which I can only put down to the tiny glitter particles that make up the shade's glaze/metallic finish, but don't let that put you off either, since it really is only very slightly, and most people probably won't even notice it. I think the only use I might have for this lipstick is layering it over something else to create an interesting effect, but I haven't tried this. Again, I really couldn't say how long it would wear for, but don't expect it to last through eating. In terms of opacity it's a little hard to explain. The metallic aspect really goes on strongly, but the colour itself is a little sheer, so you really don't get that good of a coverage and you can't get your lips to look a distinct shape. I hope that makes sense!

Cute-Ster (Lustre)

This is a shade I would love to find a replacement for because it's limited edition (from the Hello Kitty collection), and really pretty. Pretty sheer, almost like a coloured lipbalm, but a very flattering natural shade with a hint of sparkle. It is similar to a Cremesheen in that it's smooth and soft, but it will wear off quite easily because of that, and it snaps at the lightest touch. I don't really know if it's worth me reviewing this since you can't buy it anymore! But on the off-chance they decided to repromote it...

Pink Plaid (Matte) 

Used in this tutorial

& This one 

One of my favourite pinks! Matte is my favourite finish ever so of course I love it. It's a really flattering pink shade that isn't garish, nor is it too light or dark to be a bolder or intimidating colour. Like I said before, I can't wear nudes, and I will add here that I can't really wear pastels either (i.e. something like Viva Glam Nicki or St Germain), so it's a really good compromise to get a pretty colour that is still subtle, but applies opaquely. As mattes go, it is incredibly soft, which is a rare thing! I know many people avoid mattes because they find them drying, but that really is not an issue with this particular lipstick. It also lasts quite well.

Candy Yum Yum (Matte)

Used in this tutorial 

Literally words do not convey how absolutely incredible this lipstick is. It is the brightest neon pink ever, and I am so happy that MAC repromoted it and added it to their permanent line. Inevitably cameras cannot seem to capture just how vibrant and jaw-dropping this lipstick is. I cannot think of a single person this colour would not suit. It is just so pretty! It wears well, and lasts, and doesn't even need a lipliner because it applies so opaquely and doesn't feather. All I can say is - believe the hype!

Impassioned (Amplified)

Used in this tutorial 

This colour is another popular one that people seem to own, but rarely do I see anyone use it in a make up tutorial. I did quite recently (though I layered a gloss over), and I wish other people would! It's a colour that makes me think of the Summer and going on holiday, if you know what I mean?? It's so pretty, a perfect mix of pink with orange to create a universally flattering shade (it is brighter than the photo shows). Rarely do I love a lipstick this much when it isn't a matte, so please take my word for it when I say this colour is beyond gorgeous. As it is an amplified finish it is bright and opaque in one swipe. Personally I've never noticed feathering, so no real need for a lipliner. It applies very smoothly, wears comfortably, and lasts well.

Girl About Town (Amplified) 

Used in this tutorial 

A wonderful bright pink that is extremely popular. I've heard that it's Kim Kardashian's favourite pink lipstick, which may make some roll their eyes and others immediately rush out and buy it. The decision is yours! Personally, I think it is worthy of praise regardless of which celebrity endorses it, and I highly recommend it. It's very bright, opaque and extremely flattering. I've worn it on nights out and not had to re-apply all that much, or at least not to the point of finding it inconvenient. Naturally, if you are drinking or eating a certain amount of wear on the inside does occur, but that's quite unavoidable. Something that I must note though is that it heavily stains the lips. I personally don't mind this, and it can be a positive if you forget to re-apply or can't be bothered to, but at the end of the day when you want to remove it, well...good luck with that!

Ruby Woo (Retro Matte)

Used in this tutorial 

& this one 

OK, all I can say from a personal point of view is HOLY GRAIL. Literally the perfect red. I'm going to throw out some celebrity names here who have publically stated their love for this lipstick: Rihanna (soon to release some collections with MAC, even coming out with a lipstick called RiRi Woo as an homage to this very shade), Rita Ora, and The Saturdays. In terms of the lipstick texture it is the mattest of the mattes. Like, dry desert sands and hangover mouth have nothing on this. But please don't let that put you off. I know I have stated previously that I love mattes, so obviously I'm happy to deal with the dryness of it in order for my lips to look so gorgeous. And actually, I find that my lips don't feel uncomfortable or sore or anything else negative because of how dry the lipstick is. And besides, this is not coming off. Eat like a King, drink like a fish, and your lips will remain perfect. The colour is a blue-based red, which means that your teeth are going to look like a beautifully white set of porcelain pegs. And your whole face will just look amazing. Every time I wear this lipstick I just feel so much better looking. Like seriously. This is the best red lipstick.

Baby's On Fire (Dazzle Lipstick)

I think this is another limited edition shade, so skip right ahead if you want. On a personal level this lipstick is too metallic looking, and not enough glitter for me, unfortunately. That aside it applies nicely, and the glitter particles aren't annoying in any way, though I must admit you can feel them, if only slightly. I think it lasts a decent amount of time, but will probably wear off eventually.

Rebel (Satin)

Used in this tutorial 

This is a popular shade too, and rightly so. It's a flattering and wearable berry pink (the photo has dulled it down a little) that feels soft and smooth to apply, but is not shiny, as is the way of a satin finish. In the bullet (I think that is legit terminology there...) it appears almost like a dark purpley pink, but it applies a lot lighter on the lips, and to me looks a lot more pink. You can wear it more lightly if you blot it, or layer it to make it appear more opaque. It does apply very opaquely on its own, but I find it can feather so I like to apply it over MAC's Magenta Lip Pencil, which also helps to make it last longer. I definitely want to wear this lip colour more often because I do think it is gorgeous.

Cyber (Satin)

A dark purple that, when layered, can look almost black. In terms of texture, most of what I said about Rebel holds true for Cyber, too. When I wear it I always use a lip pencil (just look at the feathering!), for instance MAC's Nightmoth for a darker look, and MAC's Magenta for a more purple look. Even with a lip liner, I find it doesn't wear that long. I guess because it's dark any areas it rubs off are really noticeable, so frequent applications are necessary. But honestly, until I started playing around with this shade over different colours of lip liner I really didn't like it all that much. So I can't recommend wearing it with a liner more!! It's now one of my favourite darker lipsticks.

Prince Noir (Matte) 

Used in this tutorial

I think this lipstick was limited edition, but MAC's Nightmoth Lip Pencil is literally this colour in pencil form, so if you like it then that's your best bet. I love it! It's a really nice colour, and as a matte it lasts, but it's not drying or uncomfortable. It's probably what you'd call a 'vampy' lip colour being that it is dark, but has those reddy brown tones to it. The only negative comment I can make is that it has a weird taste to it, and I don't know if that is down to some ingredient, or I was just sold a weird one...

This was done when I had 11 out of these 13, so you'll notice the absence of a couple, but all you're really missing is seeing them swatched live. The photos I have here are better quality, and more true-to-life, and I have more in-depth reviews of everything. 

Thank you for reading, if you did, and I hope this was helpful to you!  


  1. Aww I love this post! You have such a great collection of shades and all suite every season. :)

    I love Rebel, it's the first MAC lipstick I purchased and is by far my favourite.

    Cute-Ster looks lovely, it's such a shame it was part of the Hello Kitty collection. If you find a dupe, please make sure to let us know!

    I really like the look of Shanghai Spice, I might try this next time I'm near a MAC counter. :)

    Awesome post, keep it up! ^_^


  2. Thanks, it was a lot of work, but I enjoyed doing it! I forgot how much I liked Rebel until I filmed a tutorial using it recently, and have vowed to use it more often.
    I think next time I'm near a MAC counter I'm going to raid the Lustre finishes to find a dupe for Cute-Ster, it's just so nice!!