Tuesday, 16 September 2014

NOTW: Models Own - Peach Melba (scented)

Models Own is one of my favourite brands for nail varnish, and it completely dominates my collection, so prepare for an onslaught of Models Own NOTW posts!

The majority of Models Own nail varnishes cost £4.99, with the exception of top coats, etc. So they are really great value, and I actually find their staying power isn't bad at all.

Peach Melba is part of their line of scented nail varnishes, which are all pastel shades. As I'm sure you can guess, Peach Melba is scented like peaches, although to me it just smells kind of like sour sweets, which I also find with the other scented shade I have. I personally like the smell, and find it lasts on the nails for a few days.

Before I owned any scented nail varnishes I didn't see the point in them, and I guess I still don't, but it's just one of those nice things to try out. It doesn't compromise the colour or performance at all, so I don't see the harm.

For me, pastel shades are a bit risky. If they are too pale they look weird on me, and I'm not sure why that is. At the moment my hands are quite a bit darker than they usually are, and I really find Peach Melba emphasies my tan. 

Sometimes paler colours can look streaky, and the first layer definitely is a bit, but once you apply a second layer it's perfectly fine.


  1. What a gorgeous nail polish! I have the banana split polish and I really do like it. :) I wanna try and pick up the coconut one in the future.


    1. I really like it, but I just wasn't too sure if it suited me. Models Own is one of my favourite nail polish brands so I'm always willing to try their new releases.