Tuesday, 23 September 2014

NOTW: Maybelline Forever Strong Super Stay Gel Nail Color - 625 Forevermore Green

What is it with brands giving their nail varnishes the longest names possible?

This week I have the Maybelline Forever Strong Super Stay Gel Nail Color in Forevermore Green to show you, and, other than the base coat, it's the only nail varnish I own by them. 

I bought mine instore at Boots, and they are listed on the website as being £4.49 each. 

I feel like it's really important for me to say that the colour in these photos was such a pain to get accurate! The unedited photos made the colour look like a turquoise, which it really isn't in person. So I did the best I could on Photoshop to make the colour greener to represent the true shade. It's definitely a green, which leans a bit blue. It's a deeper shade than the photos show, but I was reluctant to use too much Photoshop to help with this because I'm not skilled enough and it wasn't going my way, haha.

As with the Revlon nail varnishes I've posted about this is one that is intended to have the finish and (almost) the staying power of a gel manicure. The claim for this particular line of nail varnishes is that they will last 7 days, presumably without chipping or wearing, but it does specify in the tiny print on the bottle that you will have to continue to reapply a topcoat for this to happen.

As I said earlier there is a base coat, but I can't see anything about a top coat. So I used the base coat from this line, which is called 'Crystal Clear' as a base and top coat.

What I like about these varnishes is the brush. It's a really wide and flat brush so you can cover the whole width of your nail in one stroke. I wish more brands did brushes like this because it's my favourite style! I find it makes the job easier, quicker and cleaner.

In case anyone is sensitive to this sort of thing - these do smell really quite strong. I understand that most nail varnishes do have an unpleasant scent, but these ones in particular...

I also want to mention that I found it chipped really fast on my right hand (my dominant hand), but not at all on my left. I actually had to reapply to be able to take these photos cause I didn't want them to look bad. I don't know how the other shades perform, but this particular shade chipped for me, and I applied the clear coat over the top.

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