Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Review: Sleek Makeup Face Form

This is a review of Sleek MakeUp's Face Form in the shade 'Light 373'.

What is it?

contour, highlight, blush

It's a 20g powder compact containing three equally sized face powders. From left to right it contains a matte contour powder, a shimmery champagne highlighting powder, and a shimmery pinky gold blush powder. This is in the shade 'Light 373', which is the second darkest of four shades. It is also available in 'Fair', 'Medium', and 'Dark'. I believe in this particular kit the blush is the shade 'Rose Gold', which can be purchased individually.

Where can I buy it?
I bought mine instore at a Superdrug in Southampton. It can be purchased (provided it is in stock) at any Superdrug with a Sleek MakeUp Stand, as well as on the Superdrug website, and Sleek MakeUp's website. It costs £9.99.

A thin, matte black plastic compact with three equal sized pans, and a large mirror. Perfect for travel, and storage, and the added mirror is SO useful! I think their packaging is so perfect for their name, I find it so sleek, and I love black packaging! The only downside is that the outside packaging can look dirty quite easily, but that really does not affect the quality of the product, so please don't let that put you off. Also, I'm sure some people might like if there was a window or something to see into the packaging if you had a couple of shades of this, or the 'Blush By 3', which I think is packaged the same.

The powders themselves are very smooth, well pigmented, and apply as strongly or as sheerly as you could want. When I bought it I had little to no face makeup in my collection because I just hadn't explored that area of makeup very much yet, and I found absolutely no problems in applying it with that minimal experience.
     I find it such a useful product because it contains the three powders you need to be able to fully shape your face, as well as a mirror so, apart from brushes, you have everything you need. The pans are large, but flat so it takes up minimal space in a storage unit or makeup bag, whilst still containing a very good amount of product.
      They are very soft and smooth so blending is incredibly easy, as well as packing on if you want a more extreme look. The shades are also lovely, as the contour is not at all orange, but actually the perfect tone to create the necessary 'shadows', the highlight is not too white, but creates an extremely flattering glow wherever you apply it, and despite the blush being very pigmented it is incredibly easy to blend out so that it doesn't look Clown-ish. I just feel like the powders really add something extra to my face, they're so pretty! I especially like that the blush is shimmery, so it adds even more of a glow to the face. The shimmer in the highlight and blush don't make the face appear oily either. I definitely feel a lot more attractive when I wear them, and I have worn them a lot, and barely made a dent in the pans!

Contour, Highlight, Blush (unblended)

Contour, Highlight, Blush (sheered out)
Revlon ColorStay - 150 Buff for combination/oily skin
cheek, jaw & forehead
cheek, cupid's bow, nose & forehead
I applied them all heavier than I usually would so that the camera could pick them up better
 Overall, I love absolutely every aspect about this product. Whether it's the price, the packaging, the application, or colour, I love it all. It's so lovely to find a convenient product that contains great shades that apply well that also happens to be very affordable. The only suggestion I have is that they make all their face powders depottable so that customisable palettes can be made for those who don't necessarily find all the shades so well suited to them. But that really hasn't been a problem for me! So it's not a complaint in the slightest.
How could I score this any other way?


  1. I love this little palette it's perfect for everyday wear and has everything you'd need :) x

    1. Agreed! Plus with that pricetag, you really can't go wrong x

  2. Hi! I bought this today and I'm now writing a review of it. I absolutely love the blush and I might even buy it individually too! Can't go wrong! Oh and your foundation looks flawless!!!

    Hannah x

  3. Looks lovely on you! I was about to place an order and decided to check up some swatches. :) Would you like to follow to each other? :D