Friday, 30 November 2012

Jersey MAC & OPI Haul

Because I don't think I can ever have enough make up (apparently) I went and bought some more.


I went on a short day trip to Jersey, and since they have a MAC counter in Voisins (their department store) I decided I'd go wild! Going by the price stickers it looks like they take off VAT, which is especially good. The staff there are very helpful, which is nice, but when I'm just standing there looking at all the colours I feel like I have to hurry up so they're not just waiting for me to make a decision. I actually think I would have bought more if I was left to my own devices...
It also turns out they have a job going and I actually was planning in my mind how I could move to Jersey and work there. Legally I can work there without having to apply for all seems so easy (;

Anyway my intention was to go there to get Ruby Woo, which is one of their most famous lipsticks. It is a 'Retro Matte', which means it is very very matte, and I honestly can't believe I never had it before. Matte is my favourite lipstick finish, and I didn't have a matte red (excluding my Kate Moss one, but that is a very dark red, not the same at all). Annoyingly, and typically, the photo does the colour and texture absolutely no justice at all. I also got Pink Plaid, which is a regular matte medium pink. I am a bit wary of pinks that aren't dark or bright because I just don't think I can pull them off. I think this is the lightest I can go, so I will avoid colours like the famous Saint Germain, which is the ultimate Barbie pink. In terms of how they wear - Pink Plaid is not that dry for a matte, and you can comfortably rub your lips together. Ruby Woo is pretty hard to do that with, it's really quite dry, but I love the colour so I don't mind, and mattes can be worn for so long through eating, drinking, etc. So without further ado, here are the photos

Pink Plaid. Ruby Woo.
Ruby Woo
Pink Plaid (I call it Paté Pink)

I would have gotten more lipsticks (especially since I really want to fill up one of my new lipstick holders with MAC lipsticks), but I felt a little overwhelmed by the amount that was there and didn't want to leave the girl helping me waiting. I reckon I'll wait to see what new collections MAC comes out with in 2013 and maybe get some from them.

I've been wanting an eyebrow pencil for a while now, because I love the way that perfectly shaped eyebrows can transform a whole face. I don't think I am that good at doing them, despite knowing the theory...but I have been practicing a lot. Unfortunately Boots has pretty much nothing for eyebrows, so I have been forced to buy pencils from various websites, and they always come out too dark, and if I try a lighter one it ends up having an orange or red tint. The girl at the MAC counter showed me my options, and I went for Brunette (shocking I know). It's a plastic twist up kind rather than a wooden one you sharpen, and I don't know why but I kind of prefer twisty ones. I'll show a photo basically only to break up text, it's nothing special.

 My last purchase was from the Christmas Collection. I don't really like the packaging all that much, it's definitely not their best, but I don't dislike it either.

I went for one of their crushed metallic pigment sets because the colours are so pretty, and they are excellent value for money (for a brand such as MAC). I got the 'Guilty Passions' set...I had no idea it was called that. It is described as '4 sweetly smoky crushed metallic pigments'. What I love about these is that you use a tiny bit and it goes a very long way, and they are so well pigmented that the colours are very true to what you see in the pot. I don't think you could ever use one of these up. The downside though is that they are  really quite messy to use so you have to be very careful. But they are very versatile, and one of them 'Prettified' can even be used on the lips (although I doubt you'd want to).

top l-r: Maribu, Femininity. bottom l-r: Prettified, Dusty Desire (LOL)

These really are so pretty ahhhh. I might do a tutorial using them, but I'll have to think of a look first. I definitely plan to wear them soon so I might practice with them first.

I did some swatches, but just look at the photo above instead because that's a better idea of how they look.  

Maribu, Femininity, Prettified, Dusty Desire

That was all I got from MAC, but I got a few other things from other brands. Since Guernsey no longer has Barry M (a damn shame) I decided to check out the one in Jersey. I got a glitter (even though I hate the effort of removing them I LOVE how they look and have to wear them around Christmas/New Year) called Aqua Glitter (inventive name) and I also picked up one of their new 'Gelly' polishes in Watermelon (that makes no sense to me, you'll see why). Going by the writing on the bottle the Gelly polishes are supposed to be especially shiny, but I tried it out and I don't really agree. I just really like the colour!

Aqua Glitter, Watermelon (WHY?)

I thought that was it until I was wandering around the duty free and my dad found an entire rainbow of OPI. Ideally I would have bought one of each just to be able to recreate the display, but ALAS I am not made of money. Every colour I picked up seemed to be James Bond themed, and I decided on two of them. They look very similar since they're both red, but they are quite different really...

Die Another Day, The Spy Who Loved Me

Here are photos a bit closer up so you can see the difference between the two. Die Another Day has more of a metallic sheen and The Spy Who Loved Me has tiny yellow glitter.

Die Another Day

The Spy Who Loved Me
 They both are so Christmassy to me and I plan to wear them a lot this month :D

I bought some other things too, but I won't discuss them since they are Christmas presents, and clothes, which aren't as exciting to look at.

Thanks for reading or at least looking through the photos :D 

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