Tuesday, 21 April 2015

NOTW: OPI - Off With Her Red!

This is the other red in the OPI Alice in Wonderland collection set of four minis.

Again this was a limited edition collection, but it's such a basic red that it's so easy to find something similar to this one. It's definitely the least interesting colour in this collection, and given that it was Tim Burton who directed the movie I'm surprised something so basic would be in the set. Although, given that the colour red is quiet prominent, with the Red Queen and everything I do understand its inclusion.

In the last NOTW post I mentioned that OPI nail polish, especially these Alice ones, chip on me very easily. This time around it hasn't been as bad, so I may have to take that back!

I have on Sally Hansen Diamond Strength, two coats of Off With Her Red! and a top coat of Revlon Gel Envy.

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