Tuesday, 7 April 2015

NOTW: Estée Lauder - Red Ego

It's such a shame that this colour was limited edition because it's one of my favourite reds, if not one of my favourite nail varnishes in my whole collection.

In my experience Estée Lauder nail varnishes last for a very good amount of time (minus those metallic ones they had), so I would really recommend them for people who like to wear one colour for a long time. Plus they have a wide brush, which, as I've mentioned before, is my preference, and helps to apply the colour much more quickly.

The colour is a little deeper than it appears in a couple of the photos here, and it is nicely opaque. I applied two coats to ensure full opacity, but one coat is good enough.

I applied Sally Hansen Diamond Strength as a base coat, and Maybelline Forever Strong Super Stay as a top coat.

Estée Lauder nail varnishes are available for £14.50 on their website and counters in the UK. They are slightly cheaper where I live because we do not have the same tax as the UK, and of course will vary in different currencies/locations.

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