Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Review: Zoeva Rose Golden Luxury Brush Set


The Zoeva Rose Golden Luxury Brush Set is €58, and you get 5 face, and 3 eye brushes that are great quality at a very reasonable price! I'll do the maths for you - that's around €7 each, which in my opinion is extremely affordable.

To give credit where it's due I heard about this set from Zoella's blog post about it. 

In case anyone is wondering - these brushes are exactly the same as the normal Zoeva brushes they just have rose gold ferrules instead of silver. I never got into the rose gold trend, but I do think these look very pretty, and they stand out against all the other black handle silver ferrule brushes I have!

Here is a list of the brushes with an example of how I've personally used each

102 Silk Finish (foundation)
106 Powder (setting foundation with powder)
110 Face Shape (contour)
127 Luxe Sheer Cheek (contour/highlight)
142 Concealer Buffer (undereye concealer)
227 Luxe Soft Definer (undereye/lightly define crease)
231 Luxe Petit Crease (blend crease)
317 Wing Liner (eyebrows)

In my personal opinion I believe make up brushes don't have to be used for one purpose, and often many can be used for multiple tasks. This is true for this set of brushes (but not unique to it), for instance I use the 'wing liner' brush for my eyebrows because I like how fine and precise the lines that you can achieve are. I realise I'm hardly breaking any ground there by using an angled brush for my eyebrows, but it's just an example! The 'concealer buffer' brush could also easily be used to apply eyeshadow given its size, and the 'luxe sheer cheek' could be used for absolutely any colour or shape on the face.


The brushes come in a really nice quality pouch, which, for the price, is a great bonus. It is really nicely lined, and has rose gold zips, etc. to match the rose gold on the ferrules of the brushes. There is nothing cheap looking about it at all, and it feels sturdy like it's not going to fall apart if you use it often. I also received a drawstring bag, which I wasn't expecting. Again it seems like a good quality bag, even though I'm not sure when I'll use it, but it's always nice to get more for your money! 

The Brushes:

I don't want to individually review each brush in great detail because I don't know if anyone would want to sit and read it all and I'd repeat myself a lot, so I will give a general rundown. 

For all the brushes I love the quality of the actual brush hairs. As soon as I unpackaged them I could see that they were very soft and strong, which was confirmed when I felt them and then went on to use them.

The brush hairs are made from synthetic taklon, according to the website, and what I like about synthetic brushes is that they are great in powder, liquid and cream products without having to worry about damaging or struggling to clean the hairs. In my experience sythetic brush hairs are just more resilient than animal hair. I find the brush hairs to be nicely densely packed, but not so stiff that they can't mould to the contours of your face/eyes.

The brush hairs withstood my normal brush cleansing process (warm water and baby shampoo), and I don't think I lost a single brush hair, which is amazing considering the shedding I've had on certain brushes with a higher price tag. The handles also feel well made and sturdy in the hand. If it makes any difference to anyone I would say that the handles on some of the face brushes are shorter than the average.

I was a little apprehensive (despite my excitement) to use them considering how perfectly white the brushes are; I really didn't want to get them dirty! But I must say that apart from maybe one (you may be able to see in the photos) they went back to white after cleaning. Ultimately it really doesn't matter if the brushes don't remain perfectly white since it's purely an aesthetic thing. 

In all honesty I can think of nothing negative to say about these brushes, and I am confident that I'll purchase more in the future. I recommend a set over individual purchase to get the best deal, but obviously with sets you can't pick which you get, which may not be for everyone.

With all that said I don't know how I could score this any other way

Buy here. I purchased these with my own money, I'm not being paid to write this, and this opinion is my own (:

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